Tis the Season for Taxes

Tis the Season for Taxes

All the champagne had been consumed in celebratory toasts to ring in the new year, and I was feeling hopeful, elated, giddy at the prospect of beginning afresh. How about you? Well, the next day, at a stop sign, I was still feeling the holiday happiness, when I noticed, clad in green, a faceless mannequin, her robotic apparatus spinning, proclaiming the season of taxes. 

That’s a lot of commas. But they serve as dramatic effect. A pause. Because what I am about to broach is important.


The sobering effect of this experience quickly brought me back to reality, and I realized we all needed a bit of a warning. January is famous for filing divorce and filing taxes. If you are divorced, you still have unsettled business when it comes to filing your taxes.

How so? Remember, a lot has changed financially. Your status changes, but so does income and claimable income. Who claims the kids? Is alimony income? Is child support income? Is the paying of child support a tax break? Did your spouse leave you with a surprise, like back taxes?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, get on the IRS website and educate yourself. Call our offices, ask questions, know your rights, and have a pro handle filing your taxes this year. Sure, it costs a little extra, but making an error on filing your taxes could cost a whole lot more.

Consider this blog your sign. No, I am not going to stand at an intersection and twirl a sign, but I am going to remind you to get thee to a lawyer and a trusted tax professional. 


It’s about to get better. We’re here to help.