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Top Reasons for Getting Divorced

I am many times asked the following: "What is the most common reason that people get divorced?"  Most people think that infidelity is by far the most common reason, but it is not.

There is really not a number one reason.  Nevertheless, we hear some reasons more often than others.  They are:

Poor communication

Financial problems

A lack of commitment to the marriage

A dramatic change in priorities


There are other causes we see a lot, but not quite as often as those listed above.  They are:

Failed expectations or unmet needs

Addictions and substance abuse

Physical, sexual or emotional abuse

Lack of conflict resolution skills

As you can see, many of the problems can be addressed and possibly even avoided if both spouses can work together on solving them.  This would usually involve some type of marriage counseling.

Remember:  Divorce is the last resort - NOT the first option.  Try to save your marriage first.