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Unmarried Father's Rights

Unmarried Fathers Rights

Excerpt from 5 News article: A father in Missouri is fighting for the right to see his three-year-old daughter, after he said she was adopted by a family in Northwest Arkansas without his knowledge.

A simple piece of paper, a form for the Arkansas Putative Father Registry, could have made Chris Reynolds’ legal battle easier. For no charge, unmarried fathers can register with the Arkansas Department of Health, to make sure they’re notified if their child is going to be adopted.

Kevin Hickey law was featured on a local news station about a particular legal issue pertaining to unmarried father's rights. Children can be adopted, and the father might never know if their own child is going through the adoption process if they are not registered in the putative father registry. Attorney Kevin Hickey comments on the registry and legal action involved in such cases. Read the article and check out the video to find out more about this complicated issue.

Channel 5 News: Unmarried Father's Rights