Professional thumbs up


The past year and a half has been extremely busy. I have merged my practice with a new firm, Christian, Byars & Hickey PLLC. The previous firm, Christian & Byars, has had a stellar reputation for years in the areas of divorce, civil litigation, and criminal law. It was a great opportunity to join forces with such a great firm. We have continued to grow as we have just added a new associate attorney, James Houston. Put simply, good things are happening around here!

This site will stay active primarily due to the success of the blog. I have received constant comments and questions from faithful followers through the years. When I created the blog, I hoped it would be a great resource for the general public as well as attorneys. It has succeeded beyond my expectations. So it will continue at this location despite our new firm's website (

I know that blog posts have been few and far between over the past year, but I plan to get back to providing regular, and relevant, posts. So keep checking in!