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Winter Is Coming And So Is Divorce

Well. It was supposed to be here, but any season in Arkansas is capricious. Even if our weather can't be relied upon, what does seem to hold true is the amount of those filing for divorce after Christmas. I see articles all over the Internet trending about divorce in these winter months. As I read this particular article from Divorce Magazine (Winter: The Season of Divorce ),  I agreed with many of the factors that are listed as contributing to the rise of divorce filings early in the year. Many times clients come in to the office in November for a consultation but advise us that they do not plan to actually file for the divorce until after the holidays. I think they are just wanting to make sure they have their "ducks in a row" before they pull the trigger after the first of the year. Divorce filings in our practice generally rise throughout February and March as Spring nears. A new year is generally a time for new beginnings and I think a lot of people decide this is a good time for a new start. In the spirit of whatever this weather is right now in the South, leave the dead of winter behind. Let's bring on spring and all the new growth that goes with fresh starts.